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Our Vision

To create comfortable, friendly, walking groups Australia wide that connect our communities and aid mental health.

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How Can I Join?

It’s as easy as turning up to one of our walks. Everyone is welcome so come and participate!

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When and Where?

Check out our location page to find a

Walk ‘n’ Talk For Life near you.

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Why Walk ‘n’ Talk For Life is Different


Walk ‘n’ Talk For Life is completely free!
You don’t have to be someone affected by suicide to attend a walk and you do not have to share your life story to strangers.
The aim is to bring people and communities together to support one another, to make connections, to maybe lend an ear, to offer empathy and to share the love, compassion and understanding that is often missing in our communities.

Meet Our Communities

“I have had people attend my walks who have attempted suicide or who have lost loved ones to suicide. These people appreciate the support and love they receive at these events and some have openly told me that these walks give them the strength to live on.”
Shannon Nevin



What the Future Holds


Shannon has a vision for hundreds of Walk ‘n’ Talk For Life events all around Australia.


The need for people to feel connected and loved is stronger now than ever, and Shannon has seen first-hand how Walk ‘n’ Talk For Life can have a positive impact on people and save lives.
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